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Bambo Nature Nappies / Review and Giveaway

I happen to think that after changing nappies for over 9 years I am now a little of a pro. I have changed approximately 20k of nappies with Grayson alone! I know what I like (and don't) and as Grayson has sensitive skin I am very fussy when it comes to what I put on his skin. So when Bambo Nature asked us to test their nappies with Grayson I was a little wary, but after having a little research into them I decided to go ahead. A little about Bambo Nature Bambo Nature a Danish company sell premium baby products that are gentle, soft, environmentally friendly and include nappies, wipes and skin care products. All of which are skin friendly, eco-friendly and sleep-friendly! Our First Thoughts As soon as I opened the packet my first thought was how soft and thin the nappies felt, two of my biggest concerns always. I liked the design of the nappies, their trademark Tiger is very retro and cute, I could see it being a massive help during changing with li

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