Bambo Nature Nappies / Review and Giveaway

I happen to think that after changing nappies for over 9 years I am now a little of a pro.

I have changed approximately 20k of nappies with Grayson alone!

I know what I like (and don't) and as Grayson has sensitive skin I am very fussy when it comes to what I put on his skin.

So when Bambo Nature asked us to test their nappies with Grayson I was a little wary, but after having a little research into them I decided to go ahead.

A little about Bambo Nature

Bambo Nature a Danish company sell premium baby products that are gentle, soft, environmentally friendly and include nappies, wipes and skin care products. All of which are skin friendly, eco-friendly and sleep-friendly!

Bambo Nature Nappies Review

Our First Thoughts

As soon as I opened the packet my first thought was how soft and thin the nappies felt, two of my biggest concerns always.

I liked the design of the nappies, their trademark Tiger is very retro and cute, I could see it being a massive help during changing with little ones who start knowing their own mind.

They are incredibly generous in size too, obviously, Grayson is now 9, 124cm tall and weighs in just over 20kg but thankfully still fits in most 6+ nappies, these are a size 6 and I would say they are about the same size as most other brands 6+/7.

What more though they are thinner and incredibly soft, the reason behind this...

There are absolutely no colourants, parabens or perfumes used in Bambo Nature products; these are all unnecessary and could do more harm than good – so to give you peace of mind we leave them out of our products to ensure your child and their delicate skin has the best possible chance of remaining healthy and happy

Bambo Nature Nappy Review

A Couple Of Weeks In

We have been road testing the nappies with Grayson for a few weeks now, in every situation so that I could give you reliable advice.

We have not had one leaking issue! Not even night time for 12 hours with a tube feed in, which is hugely impressive.

In fairness to them, Bambo Nature do state their nappies and pants have a super soft top-dry layer which quickly wicks away wetness from your child and, locking it into the core, along with the fully breathable back sheet and they are not wrong as Grayson's skin has shown no signs of irritation or being damp.

I think even more important to me is how light and thin they are even whilst holding so well.

As a child who is 9 who wants to try and move, learn to walk and play they do not want to be uncomfortable and I think you will see from the pictures they don't look too bulky at all.
They have the stretch panels I love to make movement easier and what more are dermatologically tested and are proven to less likely cause skin irritation or eczema.

Bambo Nature Nappies Review

Would we recommend?

I would indeed, I am hugely impressed with how well the nappies not only work, fit and feel for Grayson but how Bambo Nature make sure as a company they are doing their utmost to be environmentally friendly for example their products are manufactured in a production facility where 95% of all production waste is recycled.

I only wish I had known about Bambo years ago when I had 3 children in nappies, it would have saved a lot of unwanted skin irritation and discomfort.

What more Bambo Nature is part of Abena who make incontinence products past baby/toddler age.

I am so happy with the nappies that Bambo Nature have kindly given one of you the chance to try their nappies for yourself too.

I have a crate of 6 packs of nappies in a size of your choice to try all you have to do is follow the giveaway box below, open to UK residents over 18.

Bambo Nappies are available from Amazon or direct from Bambo Nature where you can get 15% off your first order.
Win A Case Of Bambo Nature Nappies

*We were sent a case of nappies for this review but all opinions are honest.


  1. I’m interested in these alot, Daniel needs changing so often due to his disability and i thought i had tried all brands of nappies. I will have to give these a try

  2. I'd love to win for my niece, thanks

  3. I would like to win for my 9 month old baby boy :) x

  4. My niece who's just had a baby.

  5. Would be perfect for my baby grand daughter

  6. Would love to win for my 3 month old son

  7. Look like fantastic nappies (comment by Cupcake R)

  8. i have a new baby nephew - it would be great to win some nappies for him!

  9. I would love to win these for my daughter


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