Sending An 8th Month Old To School...

It's that time of year again, all the kids are heading back to school and our Superhero is actually well enough to return.

Addison, Grayson's sister returned to Year 1 on Monday, I had the most awful butterflies, sending them to school I find so hard, but after a while they subsided, as lets be honest she will be OK and if she wasn't she would make pretty sure I knew about it when she got home.

In fact she did, she rung me at work so excited to tell me of all her adventures, it was wonderful.

Today though wont be like that, today I send my Superhero for his fourth year at school, today I send a 7 year old with a corrected age of 8 months old.

Think about that for a minute, think back to your children when they were this age and imagine sending them off for 6 hours a day completely out of your care.

It doesn't feel right does it ? Even now 4 years on it doesn't for me either, today I am thankfully at work, it allows me to stop panicking just a little, it stops me worrying if he is crying and wishing he was at home, it stops me worrying if he will fall over and get hurt, it stops me worrying if he will eat enough, or will the person feeding him understand his tells as it is not like he can tell her, well I lie I am still worrying.

The school try to help, I am not the norm, some of the parents don't worry but I have small panic attacks, they let us come in yesterday and see his new classroom, meet the 7 members of staff who will be with him, only one is not new to him. They showed us his new playground, it is special but noisy so I worry how he will do.
They share with us their plans, they listen to my worries and in theory it will go ok.

Grayson's school have changed their set up, Grayson is now in a class of children similar in ability, a class of at least 9, ranging in age from 7 to 10, hopefully that will work, hopefully he will feel at peace with them all and hopefully the ladies who look after him will build a bond with him and see that he truly is a beautiful boy on the inside and out.

First days are hard, for everyone, not just the kiddies.

First day at Special Needs School


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