Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Product Put To The Test // Hamster Bags

The one thing we all know is a massive problem when you go out and about with a child in a Wheelchair/Special Needs Pushchair is storage for all the things they need.

Grayson is currently in the Ormesa Bug and it comes with no storage as standard, yet he comes with needing a huge list of things including

  • Nappies & Wipes
  • Change of Clothes
  • Blanket
  • Chew Toys and Fabric Toys
  • iPad
  • Meds
  • Food
  • Drink
  • Bibs
and more and this is before his feeding tube is installed when then we will have a pump and all the other gumph to go with it.

So when I was contacted by Hamster Bags to see if there product would be of any use I jumped at the chance. Initially they sent them for me to use on Deacon's Pushchair (review coming on Innocent Charms Chats next week) but I was more intrigued how they would work for Grayson, let's be honest he has more stuff.

They simply are bloody brilliant. They fit any Pushchair, no lies, I have 4 in my house and they work on all, I have also tried them on a couple of other SN ones and they fit, the only thing I haven't got to test them on is a standard wheelchair.

They Velcro on in 3 places and then you simply un clip when you want to take off and the Velcro loops stay on. 

They hold so much, we used them whilst away on holiday last week and I did not take Grayson's usual huge backpack just these as they can also be un clipped and you can carry over your shoulder like a bag.

I had all of the above in ours, plus 2 lightweight jackets for the other 2 and a change of clothes for Deacon.

They are totally wipe clean and have several zip pockets so you can put things like you car keys, or the emergency bib somewhere easy to find.

I can not say a bad word against them, what more they are available in 3 colours and for a pair are only £24.99 including FREE P&P.

I do not think Hamster Bags had ever thought about them being used for Special Needs families, but that is the beauty sometimes isn't it that mainstream products work even better for us.

Make sure you head over and check out Innocent Charms Chats this week as there will be a review and even a chance to win a pair of Hamster Bags there.

Raising A Superhero...

Back in 2009 when we realised our life with Grayson was not going to be the norm we felt so alone. Family would try to support us but really no one knew what it felt like to be a parent in this situation.

I turned to the Internet on many occasions looking for help and guidance, it was not overly easy to find.

Fast forward 7 years and the Internet has become a place parents of Special Needs children can find much comfort and support, Facebook for all it's negatives has a massive plus in that it allows groups to be set up in a blink of an eye for people to come together and share stories, to feel less alone, especially in the early hours when you really feel helpless and like there is no end in site.

I have been there, I won't lie alot of the time I still am, I am not sure the journey ever gets any easier, just easier to live with. You find ways of coping, it becomes your norm and you find people to help support you through that new normal.

Grayson still remains Undiagnosed of his underlying condition at 7, not for lack of trying, but by all accounts the top Doctors in the UK say he is Unique, the only child so far in Europe like him.

SWAN UK made life easier for us in that we found other families back in 2011 who like us have unique children, back then there were not many of us, not because there are not many undiagnosed children in the UK but because SWAN was still not heard of.

Thankfully in the past few years with the help of the families and great advertisement they are now helping so many families in the journey and that is amazing.

So why Raising A Superhero - well it gives Ashley (Grayson's Dad & my better half) and I somewhere to vent, to chat about our journey as a Special Needs parent without getting lost in my main blog between bedlinen and the newest fashion trend.

It gives us somewhere to share with you the things we have learnt in our 7 years, as honestly the best advice I have ever recieved has been from other parents.

But also we want to make RAS a place where other families can talk, raise awareness, vent, scream about their journeys too, as all of ours are individual, no disability is ever  to small or non important.

We will also have a few experts coming by and sharing their little helpful insights, as well as some people we have met along the way who have been touched by Grayson and other Superheroes like him.

We want it to be the place you can come to for info, advice and maybe something to laugh to.

Raising A Superhero is not easy, actually raising a child is not easy, but that doesn't mean you can't find ways to make it easier and more fun.