You Can Help No Matter Where You Are In The UK

Grayson and I are so lucky to have so many friends across the country. Their/your support daily is what helps us to enjoy life and move through the difficult days.

I love when Grayson gets to meet these friends, for them to experience how amazing he is in real life, I just wish they could all make the Funday and live next door.

Of course them being the beautiful people they are, they have all been asking how they can help or donate.

There is the donation button on the right, but there is also going to be a small on line auction on our facebook group here.

So if you aren't a member go join now so that when September 1st hits you don't miss out.

As a taster some of the items that will be in the auction are listed below, we are still happily looking for donations, so please email if you would like to help.


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